Welcome to Guentzel Family Farms

“The nostalgia of a 6th generation family farm,

the productivity to feed our future.”


Jon Guentzel Family Farms is a 6th generation family farm in southern Minnesota. This row crop farming operation, headquartered nearĀ 

Mankato,MN, focuses primarily on corn and soybean production.


“We would love to be farming with a team of horses and a one-bottom

plow but with today’sglobal demands we are asked to do more with less. To meet that demand, we utilize the best equipment and farming practices modern technology and innovation have to offer. We strive to maintain the values, work ethic and nostalgia of a 6th generation family farm while doing so. We hope you enjoy learning about the farm and all that we are about. Thanks.”

– Jon Guentzel

Guentzel Family Farms, LLC

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