We are very proud of our heritage here at Jon Guentzel Family Farms. Our base of operations is still within 3 miles of where Jon’s great great great grandfather Gottfried Guentzel settled nearly 150 years ago.

We are still farming some of the same soil that has been worked by 5 generations starting with Gottfried’s oldest son, Frederick. This soil has been worked by the Guentzel family for nearly 120 years.

This is a testament to the hard work and dedication that the previous generations have put forth towards the farming endeavor.

At Jon Guentzel Family Farms, we intend to continue that tradition of hard work and dedication as our ancestors have done.

Gottfried Guentzel and his wife Katharina were farming in Saxony, Germany until 1855.

More than likely they only had a 2-3 acre plot as was common during that time. At the age of 30, Gottfried, Katharina and their two children Frederick and Henry decided to pursue a new life in the Americas. The five of them arrived in New York in May of 1855. After passing through immigration at Castle Gardens they traveled to Milwaukee, WI.

They stayed in Wisconsin for nearly 10 years, farming and raising a family. The family had now grown to seven children after the births of Friedlin, Caroline, Constantine, Alvin, and Albert.

In May of 1867 Gottfried Guentzel bought a sixty acre farm that was originally homesteaded by a Daniel Miller for the sum of one thousand dollars. Now permanently settled in Lime township, Blue Earth County the family continued to grow.

With the births of Charles, Herman, Sophia, and John they numbered eleven children for a family of thirteen.


Almost every child of Gottfried Guentzel settled and farmed within a five mile radius of the original Guentzel homestead.

Frederick, his oldest son, bought his first farm about 1877 after marrying Caroline Duemland, also of German ancestry. In 1895, he bought an additional 40 acres south of his farm site. This plot eventually was owned by Frederick’s son, Edward Guentzel.

Later, Norman Guentzel, Jon’s grandfather owned this farm. Frederick’s youngest daughter, Hattie, married Martin Wandersee and she moved to a farm less than one mile northeast of the original Frederick Guentzel homeplace.

This farm is currently where our base of operations is located. Hattie’s 100+ years old house was lived in by Jon’s parents and his siblings until 1996 when they built a new house where the old one stood. The old barn, windmill and some outbuildings are still being used in our farm¬†operation.

Jon now lives on this farmsite where he grew up.

After nearly 150 years, Jon Guentzel Family Farms is still within 3 miles of the original Gottfried Guentzel pioneer farm.