Terry Guentzel

Terry Guentzel has more than 30 years of experience farming in the area. He has been farming full-time since 1978. He also enjoys short motorcycle trips and working with the the horses, Fred & Barney.








Mary Guentzel

Mary has been farming with Terry since 1981. In addition to the farming, she works part-time at ISJ as a medical oncology nurse. She has done everything on the farm, from running the combine or semi-trucks to bringing out homemade grub. She also lightens the mood during times of adversity such as the tornado of 2008 pictured here.




Jon Guentzel

Jon has been officially farming since 2004, but has been actively involved since he was old enough to drive machinery. After dad retrofitted an 8″ block on the clutch of this tractor, he was ready to go (mom wasn’t real happy with dad about her 10 year old running that machine!!!). Jon has been farming ever since. He continued to farm full-time during college to grow his operation and provide labor, management and custom application for his father’s operation.


Angela Guentzel

Growing up on the farm has meant that Angela has been helping with tasks like walking the beans and picking rocks as long as she’s been able to grip a hoe. She has continued to work on the farm as a seasonal worker every summer and over school breaks. Her farm skills have since grown and she now does more jobs like running the grain cart during harvest and putting in full days of hauling grain in the semi. She received a degree in Sociology at the College of St. Benedict with a minor in Spanish. She recently spent a semester abroad in Guatemala and sees more traveling in her future.

Angela just left for a year of buy levitra online uk volunteer work before stepping into a career.
















I guess we were cuter as kids!