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Some of the grain leg structure came today on a flatbed truck.



Goofy is claiming to have built the bins…but I never saw him lift a finger!



The months of July and August keep us busy scouting for problems in the fields. We are looking for aphids, spider mites, and foliar diseases in the soybean fields and various issues in the corn fields. We use a motorcycle to cover more acres thoroughly. (and it’s more fun)



The scale house and most of the electrical work is now complete.



The 60′ and 24′ are nearly complete.



We took a day off to celebrate Sarah and Jon’s wedding shower. Party at the Farm!



We had a busy day today with 5 different contractors, all working on separate components, in the yard. About 10 trucks and 25 guys in all. Much got done today! The pads for the leg and 24′ bin was done, electricity brought in, work done on scale house, and bin construction.



Time to get the year supply of hay for the hay-burners….in order…Fred, Barney, Babe and Peanut.



Guentzel Family Farms participated in the 2010 MRCI Grand Prix event for the second year. We did much better this year and held the track laptime record for much of the day.



During the last week of construction Jon was out spraying corn. With the wet and humid year corn in the VT (tasseled) stage had some foliar diseases. We treated certain hybrids and areas cialis cramps with a fungicide using our Hagie sprayer. With 20″ rows and 12′ tall corn it was a tough job.



The bin crew had a good start on the 60′ bin today.



The two dump pits where set today.



Another truck arrived today with the grain leg.



A truck delivered the two 500 bushel dump pits and was able to unload itself!



Four trucks rolled in today with the materials for the 60′ and 24′ bin. It took much of the day to carefully unload and inventory the supplies.


The month of July consists mostly of hauling grain to market. We try to keep all the trucks acheter viagra going. At times we haul at night and sleep in trucks to get an earlier start in line.



Poured the pad for the 60′ bin and the Scale house.



The dryer is done!





Jon traveled to Tucson, AZ with his fiance to meet her relatives! They also made plans to visit a friend of Jon’s who raises cotton and alfalfa in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a great opportunity to learn about a different kind of agriculture!


Tried to get more side-dressing in before the rain and my trip.


This crew works nights to avoid lifting the dryer when the winds pick up. It’s not very stable at this stage of construction.





We always like to find work for the old Steiger….anchor for the dryer…check!


They just delivered the fan for the dryer…it’s huge!



The dryer crew works fast!



The dryer crew has arrived and started building



We try to side-dress 100% of or corn.



Spraying the corn is underway.


Seeding and fixing waterways for a couple days.

We also grow rocks….time to pick them up


Taking delivery of the dryer.



Pouring the engineered pad for the dryer.



Switching the planter over to soybeans and taking off the tanks.

We found a nest! I didn’t think the machine stopped long enough

for them to build that!



Excavating begins for the bin site expansion.



Treating seed beans before planting.


Planting corn.



Planters are ready to go!



Wiring up the planter (What a mess!!!)



Applying nitrogen on the plowed ground



Took delivery of a new planter (a few weeks late) Time to get to work!



Working on bad wiring in an old truck and getting the nitrogen bar ready



Working on the water truck and pumps


Putting the triples on the planting tractor


Working on some shop lights.


Doing a brake job on one of the trucks.



Have to maintain the real workhorses too. Call the farrier. Time to trim the feet.



Setting the wheel spacing on the planting tractor.



Time to clean up one of the machines so service work can be completed.



The frigid temps and heavy snowfall doesn’t stop the trucks for long. Time to clear out the snow and haul some grain.


It was great weather for sleigh rides this Christmas !!!


Time to get Fred and Barney cleaned up for the Christmas season. They hope to do many sleigh rides.


Throughout early December Jon has been doing all the year end analysis for seed purchasing. All the year end financials and tax prep. is also under way


Terry has been busy in the shop working on the expansion portion. The divider is down and everything is insulated.


We have been busy working with a 6-7 man team of guys applying hog manure on two of our farms. In this particular application they are pumping the manure directly into 6 manure tankers. The rigs then take the full tanker to the off-site farm and incorporate the manure directly into the soil. Contrary to some common misconception’s, manure applied in a responsible fashion and at environmentally sound rates is a great way to utilize natures nutrient cycle. We also find that natural fertilizer is far superior to synthetic petroleum based products. We try to utilize manure on a percentage of the acres if it is available. Due to the moderately wet conditions we had to continue to clear mud off the road using our 7130 with the a blade.

Manure 008

Manure 006

Manure 004Manure 005


We have taken down some of the fall grain handling systems. We also have started on expanding our shop. We poured cement and bought supplies. We are converting the “shed” portion over to match the existing shop.




soybean harvest 100% complete

corn harvest 100%

We finished harvesting at mid-afternoon today. The tillage is not far behind. We should have field work wrapped up by Thanksgiving.


Un sorted 149


soybean harvest 100% complete

corn harvest 35% complete

We have continued to make progress with the occasional rain or heavy frost holding us up. We continue to run all the dryers 24 hours a day. Tillage is also well underway.




soybean harvest 100% complete

corn harvest @ 20 % complete

As you can tell by the lack of posts, we finally were able to put in some longer days without getting rained out. We have had to run our dryers 24 hours a day to get the capacity we need for this extremely wet corn. Amongst this time we have also been hauling all our soybeans to market. The carry in soybeans does not appear to be as good as the corn so we have hauled them all in. This year we will only have room for the corn in storage.


Picture 349



soybean harvest @ 100% complete

corn harvest @ 2% complete

We finished up our soybeans today. We brought the machine home for some service work and spent some time switching it over for corn. We spent the rest of the day driving to various farms to get a sample of all the hybrids. Unfortunately, The driest hybrid we found was at 24% moisture. Others ranged from 27%-31%.

Picture 321

corn harvest



10/13/09 & 10/14/09

Four groups of pre-school children from Hosanna Lutheran came out to the Hay by George farm to pick out pumpkins. Jon hooked up Fred & Barney and put the team to work for a change. The kids all loaded up and got to see the pumpkin patch up close.


wagon rides 003

wagon rides 006



soybean harvest @ 75% complete

corn harvest @ 0% complete

Harvest has been a challenge thus far with snow an rain complications. Two machines were utilized for a more timely soybean harvest.


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