09′ MRCI Grand Prix

July09 GrandPrix_4561Jon Guentzel Family farms recently participated

as a heat sponsor in the MRCI Grand Prix Event.

The MRCI Foundation puts on this event to raise

support for their mission of providing services to

people with disabilities and other barriers to

employment. It was a great opportunity to take a

break from the spraying, hauling, and shop

work. We put together a team of our best drivers…or so we thought. The five

man team consisted of Terry Guentzel, Jon Guentzel, Angela Guentzel, Rory

Miller and Bryan Lillie. Jon Started out Heat #2 in pole position. We were off to

a good start with an open track ahead of us. After lap #22 Jon went into the pits

July09 GrandPrix_4546 to switch drivers. Rory Miller was ready to go.

When he came out of the pits he found himself in

the middle of the pack with a crowded course.

He had to fight for every position he could get.

At around lap #42 he was starting to look for an

opening in the pits. At lap #45 he found his

opening. With a smooth pit stop, Angela was in

the kart and anxious to go…maybe too anxious. She came roaring out of the pits

at full throttle and never let up on the gas. Apparently the Kart’s top speed of

40+mph and the tight coarse were not intimidating enough to justify using the

brake for any reason. However, 3 laps and 3 spinouts later the black flag was outJuly09 GrandPrix_4512

and he was pointing at her! After a brief time

penalty and talk with the track marshal she was

back out there. Back out on the course, with a

lighter right foot, she actually improved her lap

times. At lap #62 she came flying into the pits

and locked up the tires. Bryan was on the move.

Bryan held our position well up until lap #80 when some of the leaders caught

up. They were bumping the cart and trying to spin him out but he maintianed his

position. At lap #84 he brought the kart in for the last pit stop. Our anchor,

Terry was ready to hop in and finish this race out. Terry ran a smooth and

July09 GrandPrix_4545 consistent race. He was able to catch a few positions

throughout the 37 laps. However, we were not able to get

back to that pole position. Infact, we finished in 6th place.

6th in a pack of 8 teams wasn’t bad for our rookie team.

There’s always next year…..

It was a great event that we enjoyed participating in and hope to return next

year. This rookie team is ready for another opportunity to prove their driving

skills on a fresh course.

July09 GrandPrix_4618

09′ Grand Prix